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Palm Os Math Lab calculator

Palm Os Math Lab Calculator



Recently I have been working on a version of calculator. As a math teacher, I didn't have a tool to plot functions and change the variables conveniently including physics constants. The idea was to have a handy tool, like on Palm for example. Therefore I have built this calculator tool from an old idea of a program I had been doing in my youth in Assembler on Amiga. this time, using the same ideas, but programming in C for PalmOs, I gave birth to this useful piece of work for those who want a fast convenient math calculator programmable.

It is a useful tool to draw, write functions and display, build programs. It gives as well the usual calculator service. ln, exp, cos, sin, tan, acos,asin, atan, fact,... the hyperbolic functions ch,sh, th, ash, ach, ath, are also available. (Arc-functions not set in the demo).

For example, to draw a function, simply write: Trf(x)= cos(2*x). It will display the function.

You can include the physics constants with a set of constants.photocurve3ds-copy.jpg




Trf(t)= -1/2 * t^2 + vo * t * cos (a) + h


The possibility to handle 2D or 3D functions like variables:


F2(x)= exp (-x^2)*cos(x)

2D plotting:     Trf(x)= F2(x)+10*F1(x)

3D plotting :    Trf(x,y)=exp(-x^2-y^2)*cos(x^2+y^2)


Display big Screen in the menu.




Polar plots is available through the menu for plotting curves r(θ)=f(θ).photopolarplot-1.jpg


3D plot R(θ,φ) is available in the menu.3dparameterplot-1.jpg

Complexe calculation  built in.

Consistancy with the complexe functions,

example : exp (x+i*y)=exp(x)*(cos(y)+i*sin(y)), ch(x+i*y), cos(x+i*y)...

Fast Fourier transform (FFT) based on a program available in the menu.

See in the image on the right, the Fourrier transform of f(x)=cos(x) as an example. you can see in red the Real part of the complexe a(k) which shows a max at ω0=1, and in green the imaginary part which shows a phase transition at the resonance at ω0=1. The oscillations effect  around ω0 is due to the short x-window of the sample, reduced to around 2 Time periodes.fft1.jpg







 Serial data Acquisition for the Oscilloscope. This permits an FFT on the signal. Once the acquisition of a sample is done, the data are available like a function in the program: F1(x)=OSC(x). Therefore to plot the signal: Trf(x)=OSC(x). photoosc.jpg

Fourrier transform with:

F1(k)=Int (a,b,h,x) exp(i*k*x)*OSC(x)      //Complexe Integral for Fourrier coefficients

Trf(k)=Re ( F1(k) )                                  //Plot Real part

Trf(k)=Im ( F1(k) )                                  //Plot Imaginary part


I am planning to put a video of what it can do and how to use it.  Check regularly this page for info and new incomings.

Now available on this page.








Powerful Tool and convenient for 2D-3D Plotting functions

Zero findings, Numerical Derivation and  Integration.

Built in Complexe numbers.

Numerical Sums, Series.

Serial Signal Acquisition.






Many mobile phones are built on a Palm system, you will find this powerful tool very convenient. You have, below, a usable Demo Version, to download and use CalcReg with its basic functionnalities.

This tool can acquire data from the serial port, which means, the possibility to handle data from an oscilloscope card. You will find on the Home page OscReg1.0, a version of a Basic oscilloscope on Palm with the electronic sheets for you to build. A further project is to receive data from the Oscilloscope Card via the InfraRed port, being more compatible with Palm devices (recent palm devices don't have the serial port).

Soon to come InfraRed transmission, recognition of data, receive and send...

That is if this project as got a call out there from you.


The software is now free to download, under the principle of donation if you want to reward and support this work.

Send your feedback  for helping improvements at, you will be welcome.

A new version containing a  error tracking  messages improvement,new graphs features directly available on the graph with stilpen: download the latest version:


Enjoy this software.

Technical stuff about the software:

Original Expert Version has full features: 3D plots, complexe numbers and integration of complexe functions, Save/load programs, Big display, Solving/zero finding programs,... Sums of suites and series,... Suites plots, Un+1=f(Un)...CalcReg v1.2 Expert Version handles math functions: sin, cos, tan, acos,asin,atan,... the hyperbolic functions ch,sh, th, ash, ach, ath, and  exp, ln, sqrt, x^a, fact, abs. The possibility to save/load your program. The precision is set to 1E-7 precision result, with 7 digits display after coma. It is easy to plot 3D graphs functions. Numerical Differentiation value and curve plot. Easy definition and handling of functions. Complexe number is in built. Integration of the complexe functions of real variable. Handling of complexe functions and variables. Serial Acquisition Data for the oscilloscope Card.The Math functions are obtained through a 2-Base method for exponential, sine and cosine. All the other functions are arithmetic calculations and inversions of these. This method is fast and exact. CalcReg v1.2 is stable

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